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A metaphor of life, reminiscent of ancestral nomadism and crossings that engender new odysseys, the renovating capacity of travelling is inherent to artistic creation. The Ermoupoli Project vindicates the subjective (not photographic) space of the image and opts for a dual aspect which is as suggestive as it is fruitful: art and literature, to renovate the radical transforming capacity of travelling. The Project continues the literary tradition that arose during the Renaissance: a collection of varied texts, with the common denominator that they all take place on the shores of the Mediterranean and that they are all the result of experiences compiled by their author on his voyages.

Each stage of the Ermoupoli Project is a transmedia game that can be given different readings; a fictional story, images of painting and analogical sculpture, photography, digital drawings, maps made using Google Earth, short animated films, book trailers and a surprising etcetera that is closely related to today’s way of thinking and living. The project aims to do away with the barriers that separate new supports from old ones, which are nothing more than two sides of the same coin and show that art does not progress in a linear way but that it advances by updating its origin.

We should examine the artistic proposal of JC Roca Sans (Barcelona 1946) in the light of his internal coherence, as he is an artist who experienced the post modern movements of the 1980s firsthand in Germany and in the United States and who, despite this —or maybe thanks to it— has always constructed his own language, not based on representative licenses, but on his own convictions, drawing and painting life, love and death as recurrent themes, in an attempt to offer a personal vision of the human condition.



Atrium Torroella is a cultural management company that backs the Ermoupoli Project and produces it, allowing it to be viewed in Museums and Foundations in temporary exhibitions. In favour of privately managed culture, it has never applied for grants and is financed by sales of the works of JC Roca Sans, a plastic and visual artist whose proposals can be seen in our showrooms in Peratallada and in Torroella de Montgrí.

If you would like to participate in this exciting project with JC Roca Sans, exploring the links that unite the various cultures of the Mediterranean to show what human beings have in common and the need to respect our roots, principles and the universal values of everyone, Atrium Torroella offers you the possibility to do so:

Just send us an e-mail expressing your opinion about these graphic stories or asking for an appointment. You will be able to get to know the elements —painting, sculpture, drawing and original graphics— related to the phase of the project which has most interested you and together we will be able to continue with it.



Please contact JC Roca Sans at Atrium Torroella:


(+34) 972 757 037

(+34) 690 326 970

C/ Primitiu Artigas, 19 17257 Torroella de Montgrí

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